5 A/C Tips For Summer

Over the summer time, it can become unbearably hot. This is why it is important to check that your air conditioning unit is working properly. Here are 5 A/C tips for summer so you can be sure that everything runs smoothly.

Test drive

Clear any leaves or debris away from your unit. Ideally you should check before any extreme temperatures, so you know your unit is working when you need it (remember to see if it works both inside and outside).


Air filters should be replaced at least once every two months, in order to remove dust and allergens as well as improving the air quality in your home.


A professional technician can check everything is working effectively and efficiently (in some cases they may also be able to advise if a new unit would be more cost effective than your current A/C unit.)

Turn off when the windows are open

Having the A/C unit on when the windows are open will reduce its effectiveness. A good balance is to keep the windows open for a while for freshness but then switching the A/C on when the windows are shut to keep the house cool and comfortable.

Keep away from appliances

If your A/C unit is near heat producing appliances such as a television then it will adjust for that heat, so it is better to keep it away from that and reduce your energy bill.

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