Professional AC Duct Cleaning Services in Longmont, CO

Get fast, professional ac duct cleaning services with Home Run Heating & Air Cooling, based in Longmont, and serving the Boulder and Denver metro areas.

AC Cleaning

Scheduling regular commercial or residential AC maintenance through a heating service, like AC duct cleaning, can extend the life of your AC unit many years and save you money on your monthly bills. Air conditioning units are notorious for building up dust and bacteria on the evaporator and condenser coils. They can also easily become corroded over time. Both these factors can negatively affect your AC cooling capacity and energy efficiency, not to mention the air quality of your home. But an easy step, like cleaning your window air conditioner every year, can prevent build-up and corrosion. And getting a professional air conditioner cleaning service means our technicians can catch small problems before they become bigger.  

If you suffer from allergies at home, or want to ensure the health and comfort of your employees, cleaning your AC ducts is crucial for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. 

For Better Air Quality, Don’t Skimp on AC Duct Cleaning Services

Some homeowners are put off by air conditioning cleaning costs, but they are much more reasonable than you think, and can save you hundreds in repairs or replacement units. We recommend scheduling ac duct cleaning services at least once a year, preferably in the Spring before the weather heats up. Our licensed contractors at Home Run Heating & Air Cooling will clean any bacteria or dust out of the inside of your system and install new filters to keep everything running smoothly. 

Our professional commercial and residential air conditioner duct cleaning service includes: filter replacement, cleaning and inspection of evaporator coils, fan wheel and blower assembly balancing, an outdoor unit inspection and cleaning, refrigerant line inspection, and final unit testing.

Longmont’s Best AC Duct Cleaning Company

Whether you’re looking to install a new system or simply clean your central air system before the start of summer, our licensed contractors are the best in Northern Colorado. Choose an AC duct cleaning company you can trust! Call (303) 682-9504 today to schedule your free estimate. Serving Longmont, Firestone, Lafayette, Louisville, Denver, and Boulder, CO.