Who Needs a HEPA Air Filter in Longmont, CO?

Home Run Heating & Air Cooling offers HEPA air filters which remove harmful particles such as pollen and allergens from the air in your home, helping you breathe easier.

HEPA Air Filtration

If you choose to get an air purifier installed in your home, it will come with a HEPA air filter already installed. This is one of the best types of filters for removing particles such as allergens from the air. Before the filter can be HEPA-certified, it must have rigorous testing to ensure that the purification process works well.

During the HEPA air filter testing, the company will make sure that it traps over 99 percent of all harmful particles that are in the air. Every particle that is 0.3 microns or larger will be trapped, because they have the greatest risks to your health. Since the particles can get in your nose, you will be happy for a filtration system for your whole house. Some filters come with a UV lamp to ensure that everything is properly removed from your air.

Choose the Right Whole House HEPA Filter

The whole house HEPA filter system works separately to your heating and cooling system. The fan will pull the air through the whole house HEPA filter, which traps unhealthy particles. That way, the clean air can be released into each room. Often, an integrated system is better than a stand-alone purifier. Some other benefits of filter units attached to air handlers include:

  • Better air distribution
  • Ensuring your furnace and cooling equipment run efficiently
  • Filtering air from outdoors before it enters your home
  • Quiet, nearly undetectable operation
  • Not as much maintenance as other systems
  • Removing 99 percent of allergens, harmful particles, and dust from your home

Where to Find a HEPA Filter Replacement

When you are looking for the best HEPA filter replacement or installation, choose Home Run Heating & Air Cooling. We can inspect your system and ensure that the HEPA air filter replacement has been done recently enough. If the filter is not new, it will not work effectively. 

Our company is located in Longmont, Firestone, Lafayette, Louisville, and Boulder, CO. Contact us today to learn what the cost of an HEPA filter replacement will be for your house.